The PC Music mainstays are back with a new single.

Visual artist and PC Music pop star Hannah Diamond and producer Danny L Harle have collaborated on a new song, ‘Part Of Me’.

“It started off with the lullaby/celeste pattern and we were working in and around this kind of sleepy twinkly melody”, explains Harle. “But as the lyrics came together we worked out there was a possibility for there to be this repressed inner excitement/keenness that could come out in a really hard section.”

“With artwork and imagery, I always like to start with an object that I feel helps me to create a world in my mind about the music. I instantly felt that the ‘Part of Me’ object would be a music box”, says Diamond. “I had one as a kid where I used to keep my most precious things I had found….A lot of the ideas for the artwork came from my memory of that music box and how the things you keep or cherish stay with you and become a part of you.”

“When I was looking at all the research images I kept thinking about how some of them looked like tiny stages, and how the music boxes of the future (if they ever become a thing again) would have popstars inside them instead of Ballerinas.”

Last year Hannah Diamond released the track ‘True’, which she described as “the ultimate emo HD power ballad”. ‘Part Of Me’ is out now.

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