Clothing, painting, music and more.

NYC-based apparel line HECHA / 做 have teamed up with event series Funneled Smoke to host their latest pop-up.

The multi-form evening, titled this simulation sux, is set to take place on October 04 at Phorm Studios and will launch a new black colorway of the line’s inaugural clothing collection.

HECHA / 做 will adapt Phorm into Cyberia, the virtual nightclub from cult anime Serial Experiments Lain. As HECHA / 做 explains, “this simulation sux . . . will create a liminal space that constructs an alternative reality that nudges towards being in the present moment, and reconsiders the systems that connect us.”

The evening will include music performances by NYC-based artists Serpent in a Straight Line, Speaker Music, SYANIDE and Via App alongside a live painting session by HECHA / 做 co-founder Luz Angelica Fernández.

this simulation sux will be free and open to the public. See more info here.

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