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His first full-length under his own name.

Death in Vegas frontman Richard Fearless will release his debut album next month.

Deep Rave Memory, as it’s called, was recorded at Fearless’ Metal Box studio overlooking the Thames. In a press release, he shares that he drew from the studio’s industrial environment for inspiration: “There’s a steel factory on the opposite bank and the sounds of industrial metalwork is incredibly inspirational. Then you have the continuously growing skyline too. It’s a very Ballardian landscape,” he says.

“You get these party boats that go down the river. You hear these drifts of music floating over. I tried to emulate that when I put mixes down, sweeping the effects in and out, catching the delay tales.”

To preview the album, Fearless has shared lead track ‘Atlas of Insanity’, an abrasive, buzzing techno track that pulses from start to finish like a heartbeat under pressure.

Deep Rave Memory is out on November 22 via Fearless’ Drone label. Find the artwork and tracklist below, and also look back with FACT on our visit last year to his one-of-a-kind studio.


01. ‘Vision of You’’
02. ‘New Perspective’
03. ‘Devil on Horseback’
04. ‘Acid Angels’
05. ‘Deep Rave Memory’
06. ‘Atlas of Insanity’
07. ‘Driving with Roedelius’
08. ‘Broken Beauty’

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