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Christelle Gualdi revives her critically acclaimed project after a years-long break.

Christelle Gualdi’s Stellar OM Source project is set to release an EP for Dekmantel in December.

Titled I See Through You, the record features four tracks “drawn from live recordings,” according to an interview with Resident AdvisorI See Through You follows Gualdi’s July 2018 12″ for Interzona 13, Burning / Dirty, which broke a years-long break from music after releasing her Nite-Glo EP in 2015. Touring and performing, the label says, reignited the spark for her return.

Back in 2015, Gualdi spoke with FACT over email about Nite-Glo, coping with the loss of close family members and what’s next. “I can’t say where I will go from here at all,” she wrote at the time. “Maybe this will be the end of the 10-year Stellar OM Source project for me.”

I See Through You is out December 9 on Dekmantel. View the tracklist and cover art below.


01. ‘Night Alone’
02. ‘Lost Codes’
03. ‘White Echoes’
04. ‘Wild Palms’

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