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Listen to ‘How it sounded in my mind’ now.

London’s Warm Winters Ltd., which launched back in May of this year, has announced a new album from Swedish composer Kajsa Lindgren.

Everyone is here is built around archival family recordings unearthed in her parent’s old basement as well as Kajsa’s own compositions for field recordings and voice.

The narrative potential of the archival recordings’ vintage patina is typified in the excellent ‘Trio for cello, piano and violin’, a track based on an audio snippet of what Kajsa explains is her “mother, uncle and grandfather making an appearance as a trio in Swedish radio sometime during the 70’s”.

Everyone is here will be released November 15 and is available for pre-order here. See the album artwork and tracklist below.

Everyone is here artwork


01. ‘Tuning’
02. ‘Morgonfåglar’
03. ‘Trio for cello, piano and violin’
04. ‘Friends’
05. ‘Mirrors’
06. ‘After the break’
07. ‘Passing meadows and oceans at night’
08. ‘Bye’
09. ‘1991’
10. ‘(Your) doves’
11. ‘Treetops’
12. ‘Endings’
13. ‘Variations’
14. ‘How it sounded in my mind’
15. ‘Just five minutes’
16. ‘Anna’
17. ‘Quiet conversations’
18. ‘Melodies’
19. ‘Stiltje’
20. ‘Epilogue’

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