A sonic dialogue between synthesizers, string instruments and the recorded sounds of a cactus.

Magda Drozd debuts on Präsens Editionen with Songs For Plants, an exploration into the audible nature of flora through the lens of experimental pop, ambient and dub techno.

Using a variety of synthesizers, a guitar, a violin, her own voice and technology that allows the artist to record the sound of a prickly pear, Magda Drozd has created an album for plants, by plants.

The album follows releases from Martina Lussi, Lawrence English, Anna Homler and S S S S on Präsens Editionen, the publishing platform responsible for zweikommasieben Magazin.

Songs For Plants arrives on December 6 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘Finger Touching A Stone’
02. ‘Seven Demons’
03. ‘Painkiller’
04. ‘Left Foot’
05. ‘Girl With A Plastic Bag On Her Head’
06. ‘Half Sick’
07. ‘New Home’
08. ‘Three Tits’
09. ‘Hanging Arms’
10. ‘Behind The Curtain’
11. ‘Leave Me A Message’

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