Listen to some sample-heavy snippets below.

Detroit veteran Andrés (aka DJ Dez) has announced the fourth installment of his self-titled LP series, Andrés IV, via fellow Detroit legend Moodyman’s Mahogani Music label.

It’s his first full-length since 2011’s Andrés III, also released via Mahogani, and follows this year’s All U Gotta Do Is Listen EP on Zurich’s Hizou Deep Rooted Music.

The double LP will be available via online distributors, and in record stores, on November 25. Pre-order the digital now and see the artwork and tracklist below.

Andrés IV art


01. ‘Back in the Old Times’
02. ‘Mighty Tribe’
03. ‘I’ll Wait 4 U’
04. ‘What’s Ur Name Again’
05. ‘Truth Serum’
06. ‘New For You’
07. ‘Illuminate’
08. ‘Free’
09. ‘Waist Deep’
10. ‘Learn 2 Love (Yoruba Love Dub)’
11. ‘Run Dat Shit’
12. ‘Pleasure’
13. ‘King’
14. ‘New For You (Live)’
15. ‘What’s It Gonna Be’
16. ‘Jungle Pain’

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