Key tracks, new exclusives and previously unreleased material from label affiliates.

Eglo Records, the London-based label founded by Alexander Nut and Floating Points back in 2009, is celebrating a decade of activity with a hefty 30-track compilation.

According to the label, Vol. 2 aims to looks back at the last five years of releases while also highlighting new exclusives and previously unreleased material from the Eglo family.

Multiple tracks from Floating Points appear alongside material by Fatima, Steve Spacek, Henry Wu, WU15 and many more artists. Listen to one of Floating Points’ contributions, 2014’s ‘King Bromeliad’, below.

Vol 2. is Eglo’s second compilation following their 2009-2013 anniversary comp Vol. 1.

Pre-order the digital over at Eglo’s Bandcamp ahead of its December 6 release and see the tracklist below.


01. Steve Spacek – ‘Follow Me’
02. The Abstract Eye – ‘Grandfather Fire’
03. Dego & Kaidi – ‘Black Is Key’
04. Floating Points – ‘King Bromeliad’
05. Fatima – ‘Somebody Else’
06. Steve Spacek – ‘If U Wan 2 Find Me’
07. Henry Wu – ‘Deep in the Mudd’ [feat. Hardhouse Banton]
08. Byron the Aquarius – ‘Song for a Friend’ [feat. Cropper]
09. K15 – ‘Sunbeams’
10. Kirkis – ‘Vovo’
11. Fatima – ‘Technology’
12. Dirg Gerner – ‘What a Life’
13. Dego & Kaidi – ‘Acting up on That Shit Don’t Count’
14. Funkineven & Fatima – ‘Phoneline’
15. WU15 – ‘Love’s Gambit’ [feat. K15]
16. Patrick Gibin – ‘Cloud Nine’ [feat. MdCL & Javonntte]
17. Sauce81 – ‘Dance Tonight (Extended Disco Mix)’
18. Steve Spacek – ‘Garage Days’
19. Destiny71z – ‘Foodprogramvoltage’
20. Fatima – ‘And Yet It’s All Love’
21. Floating Points – ‘Sparkling Controversy’
22. Steve Spacek – ‘Boo Boo Step’
23. WU15 – ‘The Anthem’
24. Natalie Slade – ‘Humility’
25. Dirg Gerner – ‘The Art of Letting Go’
26. The Abstract Eye – ‘The Abstract Eye’ [feat. Steve Spacek]
27. Destiny71z – ‘Marmot Black’
28. Steve Spacek – ‘Follow Me (Skeptical Remix)’
29. K15 – ‘Devotion’
30. Floating Points – ‘ARP2’

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