The film was directed by Domingo Castillo.

Wilted Woman’s score for Miami-based artist Domingo Castillo’s film Tropical Malaise has been pressed to vinyl by Primitive Languages.

The experimental film is made up of sourced footage, text and sound to offer reflective commentary on “environmental and speculative development concerns in Miami, [Florida]”.

Wilted Woman’s A-side moves among tinny electronic vignettes, future-space synth swaths and unkempt, unstrung jams while the B-side presents a gristly quilt of stitched and seeping textures later revealed to conceal sonic fireworks that she shoots up into a dystopic night sky.

Earlier this year, Wilted Woman released Lon Lon Night Vision via Phantasy Sound and collaborated with Nick Klein on the album Café Kotti for Alien Jams.

The Tropical Malaise LP is available via Primitive Languages.

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