Listen to Dasychira’s take on sickeningly sweet ‘Frost Jelly Cake’ below.

Straight out of some creepy-beautiful story book, Chinese alternative pop star Yikii will release her latest collection of fantastical tracks via HangZhou’s FunctionLab.

The album finds her teaming up with frequent collaborator and like-minded character Dasychira, who lends two original edits.

Yikii has previously released on post-internet labels such as Genome 6.66Mbp and Quantum Natives.

Don’t Cry Little Ghost arrives on December 16. See the artwork by Yikii and tracklist below.


01. ‘Frost Jelly Cake’
02. ‘Moonlit Neverland’
03. ‘Lilac Butterfly Soup’
04. ‘Self-Torture’
05. ‘Tear Off the Last Page’
06. ‘Helium Flash’
07. ‘Quietly Hiding in the Rain’
08. ‘Lloigor’
09. ‘Lilac Butterfly Soup (Dasychira Cauldron Pot Twist)’
10. ‘Frost Jelly Cake (Dasychira Secret Recipe Book Edition)’

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