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Booty music 👀

Montreal producer Martyn Bootyspoon has shared his latest EP, No. 1 Crush, via Model Future.

The EP features four warehouse workouts, each more intensive and sweaty than the last, beginning with the swirling deep house of ‘Tom Tom Club’ (which you may have heard kicking off AceMo’s excellent FACT Mix this week) and ending with the acid-surging, bass-heavy closer ‘Buss Down’.

Last year, FACT interviewed Martyn Bootyspoon for its FACT Rated series spotlighting artists on the cusp of a breakthrough. “The interplay between bootyhouse and ghettotech forms with updated reference points – namely, the internet – is what makes Martyn Bootyspoon’s music so compelling,” wrote Claire Lobenfeld.

No. 1 Crush is out tomorrow, December 12. Preorder the EP on Bandcamp and find the tracklist below.


01. ‘Tom Tom Club’
02. ‘Lick My Hear’
03. ‘No. 1 Crush’
04. ‘Buss Down’

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