Photo by: Kasia Zacharko

A new hybrid label from multimedia artists Mc Pherson and Alessandra Leone. 

Zoë Mc Pherson is launching a hybrid audiovisual label, SFX, with a new album, States Of Fugue.

A collaboration with artist Alessandra Leone, with whom she created the transmedia and performance project String Figures, SFX will be a platform for “objects and experiences across various mediums”.

States Of Fugue sees Mc Pherson experimenting with conventional dance music meter and features collaborations with Welsh sound artist Elvin Brandhi and Dutch free improv scene singer Greetje Bijma.

For more information about the label, head over to the SFX website. States Of Fugue arrives on February 20 and is available to pre-order now.


01. ‘Growth (monk report)’
02. ‘Exile’
03. ‘Taste’
04. ‘Tenace (dogs road)’
05. ‘Get it?!’
06. ‘Learn ur language faster’ [Feat. Elvin Brandhi]
07. ‘Kada (poly-everything)’
08. ‘Power fluids (pitchless)’
09. ‘Du’
10. ‘Bug (Greetje dub)’

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