Seid will premiere at CTM festival as an A/V installation at Berlin’s centre for spatial sound, MONOM.

KhalilH2OP, the experimental pop group made up of Copenhagen artists Yen Towers, NikkiH2OP and Minais B, is back on Posh Isolation with a new album.

Seid, which takes its name from a form of shamanic sorcery practised during the Late Scandinavian Iron Age, will be presented for the first time at CTM Festival as an audiovisual installation at MONOM. Recordings of voices, synths, flutes and acoustic guitars from KhalilH2OP will move around the 4D sound studio’s 16 columns, accompanied by projected visuals from performer Paolo Gile, photographer Frederik Barfod and artist Veronika Vidø.

Seid arrives on January 24, with the accompanying A/V installation running from January 25 to February 2. Tickets are available now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Carp23.5’
02. ‘Altered New’
03. ‘Sky Silky’
04. ‘Galdr 2100 I’
05. ‘Jenna’
06. ‘Thuggish’
07. ‘Boy U’
08. ‘Galdr 2100 II’
09. ‘Stray’
10. ‘Sectioned’
11. ‘Viscose New’
12. ‘Galdr 2100 III’
13. ‘Wetnotes’

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