A cinematic journey through what the artists term “a dreamspace dedicated to orbital resonance”.

For the third audiovisual project for their hybrid label SFX, Zoë Mc Pherson and Alessandra Leone connect the dots between “stellar spacecraft manoeuvres” and dream landscapes to embark on an interstellar journey through interior worlds.

Inviting us “to decolonize our minds and imaginations, unlearn and relearn, think of possible futures, heal and find our best before the next movement”, Mc Pherson and Leone drift from mysterious shaky footage of looming spaceships to impossible alien textures, set against an eerie score that draws from choral music, frazzled noise and cosmic ambient.

Mc Pherson

“It all starts with closed eyes”, write the artists. “Watching inward the life of dreams: fragments of memories, fantasies and paradoxes. As the ground shrinks and condenses, clusters of sparkly dots appear and flow away, as a tide.” 

“I was disembodied at some point, I remember”, they continue, “and all around were translucent obsidian rocks and the flow of volcanic glass. Calmly abstract and fully formed at the same time, vague but still crisp and vivid.” 

“Before the tide’s return, I had tasted all colours of this dream, and the final flavour faded as it spread.”

Mc Pherson

‘Grounding in outer space’ is out now on SFX. For more information about SFX you can visit the website and follow the platform on Instagram, where you can also find its founders, Zoë Mc Pherson and Alessandra Leone.

You can watch our Signal Path with Zoë, featuring both artists, here, as well as Alessandra Leone’s work with StratoFyzika, here.

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