Freak colonies, bagpipes and guardian angels: Hyperdub’s Hidden Depths explored

With the Hidden Depths of Hyperdub event swiftly approaching, FACT TV headed to the studios of some of the label’s key artists to find out the Hyperdub story from the inside.

Across interviews with Kevin Martin (of The Bug and King Midas Sound fame), Scratcha DVA and Cooly G, we discussed Hyperdub’s beginnings, how the artists view the label, their relationships with label boss Kode9, and in the case of DVA and Cooly, their forthcoming live shows at Hidden Depths. For more information on the event, which takes place this Wednesday and features performances from Kode9, Actress, Laurel Halo, DVA, Cooly G and Spinn & Rashad, click here.

Film by Anoushka Seigler and Kamil Dymek, interviews by Tom Lea.

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