Expect another cosmic trip from the Canadian experimentalist.

Montreal-born, Vancouver-based producer RAMZi, aka Phoebé Guillemot, will release her new album Phobiza Vol. 1: Dia on Total Stasis this summer.

“a cruise thru RAMZi archipelago
noon sun to crepuscular
estuary garden,” reads the cryptic press release.

The seven-track EP follows Guillemot’s For Haku LP, released earlier this year on RVNG Intl, and last year’s Houti Kush for 1080p, which took a night-time forest stroll through field recordings and disjointed melodies.

No exact release date for Phobiza Vol. 1: Dia has been confirmed as yet but check the Total Stasis site for updates. [Via RA]

Hear a track off Phobiza below.



01. Phobiza
02. Gro Bwouya
03. Jazzi Houti
04. Ogaden
05. Birdz Attack
06. Majestic Zouk
07. Balanimentra


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