Another day, another diamond from the mineral-rich mines of 1080p.

After recent stunners from Keita Sano and Surfing, the latest release on the Vancouver-based label is a gloopy, nocturnal journey into the undergrowth. Your guide is Montreal-bred producer Phoebé Guillemot, also known as RAMZI, and on offer are, as the label neatly describes, 11 “heavy psilocybic zones” built from creaking loops, distant melodies and field recordings from the forest which seem, to quote again, almost “humid and wavy with delirium”.

Houti Kush is one of the most immediately seductive releases we’ve heard from the label so far, and it’s out on July 21 as a limited cassette and a Bandcamp download.

Ahead of that, we’ve got the full stream for you to wade into.



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