An OK Computer classic.

Radiohead kicked off the latest US leg of their A Moon Shaped Pool tour last night (March 30), with a show at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

Treating fans to 24-track setlist that reportedly included ‘Airbag’, ‘You And Whose Army?’, ‘Idioteque,’ ‘Let Down’ and many more greats, the band also played ‘The Tourist’ – a highlight from their third album OK Computer, which turns 20 this year – which they haven’t performed live in nine years. Watch their performance below.

As Pitchfork reports, prior to the band’s performance of ‘Climbing Up the Walls’, a live radio broadcast of Bruno Mars’ ‘That’s What I Like’ was accidentally blasted out over the speakers, although it was quickly turned off.

Earlier this month, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood remixed Radiohead songs in an era-spanning mix that included ‘Bloom’ and ‘Everything In Its Right Place’.

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