“There’s straight bassline on there, UK garage-influenced stuff, bumpy 4×4 bits and everything else.”

DJ Q, aka UK-based producer Shollen Quarshie, has stepped up to helm the next mix in the Fabriclive series.

Out July 20, Fabriclive 99 features a massive 32 tracks, from artists such as Q’s TQD bandmates Flava D and Royal-T, garage icon Todd Edwards and DJ Q himself.

“I made a lot of the music myself and with other musicians I’m close to,” says Quarshie in a press release. “I also got in touch with a couple of people for exclusives and remixes. I wanted to make it special in a sense that all the tracks bar one are previously unreleased. There’s a decent amount of VIPs on there too.”

He continues: “By listening to the mix you will get a good idea of the sort of sounds I enjoy playing and making. There’s straight bassline on there, UK garage-influenced stuff, bumpy 4×4 bits and everything else.”

DJ released his solo album Ineffable on Local Action in 2014, before joining forces with Flava D and Royal-T to drop one of our favorite albums of 2017, UKG. Q’s second album All Night came out earlier this year.

Pre-order the mix from the Fabric site and see the full tracklist and artwork below.


01. DJ Q – ‘FABRICLIVE Intro’
02. DJ Q – ‘Time To Shine’
03. DJ Q & Jack Junior – ‘Badbwoy Sound’
04. DJ Q – ‘Gag Reflex’
05. DJ Q – ‘My Heart VIP’
06. Todd Edwards – ‘Take A Look’
07. DJ Q & Bassboy – ‘Alliance’
08. DJ Q – ‘Our Sound VIP’
09. DJ Q – ‘What I’m Like’
10. DJ Q – ‘Danger VIP’
11. TQD & Champion – ‘Diva’
12. Mind Of A Dragon – ‘Chances ft Dakota Sixx’
13. DJ Q & Jack Junior – ‘I’m Sorry’
14. Flava D – ‘All Mine’
15. Zibba ft DJ Q – ‘Round & Round’
16. DJ Q – ‘Dirty Deeds’ (Claybrook Remix)
17. DJ Q – ‘Stingray’
18. Zibba – ‘I Will Never Leave’ (Renkin Style Remix)
19. Moony – ‘Fire’ (DJ Q Remix)
20. Moony – ‘Without You’ (DJ Q VIP Special)
21. Jack Junior – ‘I Fall’
22. NYTA – ‘Badman VIP’
23. Gemma Fox – ‘Superwoman’
24. Royal-T – ‘Bu Da Bup’
25. DJ Q – ‘Notice Me VIP’
26. Jack Junior & Robbie Rue – ‘Sprinter’
27. Swindle – ‘Connecta ft Ricardo China’ (DJ Q VIP Remix)
28. The Heatwave ft Mr Lexx & Keida – ‘Walk Out Gyal’ (DJ Q Remix)
29. Thorpey – ‘Come Right VIP’
30. TQD – ‘A Letter To EZ VIP’
31. DJ Q – ‘Over There’ (TuffCulture Remix)
32. DJ Q – ‘Completion’

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