Los Angeles label Not Not Fun, the home of all things warped and woozy, have put out two new 12″s.

Mother Rhythm Earth Memory is the new record from Cuticle, aka Brendan O’ Keefe. Cuticle’s ‘Confectioner Beats’ was one of the first releases on NNF sister-label 100% Silk, and Mother Rhythm Earth Memory offers another eclectic mix of furtive electro-funk and distorted techno.

Also available is ‘We’re In Heaven’, the new 12″ from Cruise Family. The nom de guerre of Austrian Stefan Kushima, Cruise Family has notched up a number of releases on the label. True to form, ‘We’re In Heaven’ is a slab of twinkling house that somehow manages to sound at once groggy and uplifting.

Both records are limited to 500 copies. NNF impresario Amanda Brown recently recorded a FACT mix: you can listen to it here.



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