Hippos in Tanks will release the debut album by d’Eon in June.

Simply titled LP, it marks d’Eon’s third release for the label after 2010’s “mini-album” Palinopsia and a split 12″ with the few-more-hyped Grimes last year. Do we know much more? Not really: information on d’Eon is pretty sparse, though this Dummy interview, where he mentions having a lot of the shared friends with Grimes, would indicate that he’s based in Montreal. Then again, he might not be.

What we do know is that he’s clearly inspired by dance music – his releases to date have nodded to syncopated house, footwork and dubstep, but he approaches these forms in the sort of way you’d expect someone with a noise, or at least experimental, music background to. A perfect fit for the label, then.

LP hits stores on June 5, when we’ll presumably find out a bit more about its maker.

1. Annunciation
2. Now You Do
3. Virgin Body
4. Transparency pt. II
5. My iPhone Tracks My Every Move
6. Signals Intelligence
7. Gabriel pt. I
8. Century By Century
9. Gabriel pt. II
10. I Don’t Want To Know
11. I Look Into The Internet
12. Chastisement
13. Transparency pt. IV
14. Al-Qiyamah


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