It seems that barely a month goes by without the arrival of a new Editions Mego sub-label.

February’s addition to the already tangled Editions Mego family tree was ‘neat house’ label Sensate Focus. The newest member of the fold is Recollection GRM, an imprint designed to “make available on vinyl works from the vast archives of Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM)”

According to Mego boss Peter Rehberg, he “approached François Bonnet at GRM about vinyl versions of old GRM works, and we came up with the idea of the new label. I have always found the works made at GRM over the last 4-5 decades to be some of the most well made and pioneering electronic music ever. And much of it has well stood the test of time.”

REGRM001 will be GRM founder Pierre Schaeffer‘s Le Trièdre Fertile. Schaeffer is recognised as one of the key progenitors of musique concrète. The LP, recorded in 1975-6, is Schaeffer’s only fully electronic music work, with engineer Bernard Dürr developing the album’s distinctive synthetic sounds. The record arrives with design by Stephen O’Malley, and is executive produced by Rehberg. The latter is clearly relishing introducing Schaeffer and co to a younger generation:

“I just think it’s good to have these works made available again on vinyl, especially now as the format is now so popular. Now young people can access these recordings in their format of choice for normal prices, not the funny money some of the originals go for these days.”

Look out for the interview with Rehberg about the label on FACT tomorrow.

Le Trièdre Fertile will arrive on June 5.

1.1. Plutôt Dynamique (Étude Banale)
1.2. Plutôt Harmonique
1.3. Plutôt Mélodique
1.4. Moins Banal (Interlude, Ou Impromptu)
2.1. Toccata et Fugue
2.2. Baroque (Second Interlude)
2.3. Strette



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