Early last week, Damon Albarn gave his verdict on Blur’s future. The prognosis wasn’t good: after their forthcoming Hyde Park megashow, the band are probably calling it a day.

To mark their final gig, Blur are set to release a gargantuan box set. As Pitchfork report, Blur 21 will collect all seven of the band’s studio albums. Each full-length will arrive in expanded two-disc form. The package will also include four discs worth of rare material, a limited edition 7″ version of Seymour-era track ‘Superman’, a trilogy of new DVDs, and a glossy coffee table book.

This isn’t your usual exercise in negligible surface polish (Kraftwerk, cough cough). The rarities discs are set to feature over 200 minutes worth of previously unreleased material, and the DVDs will collect 2+ hours of otherwise unseen footage. The book will contain new interviews with the band, and a handful of unreleased snaps. As kiss-offs go, it’s a lingering snog.

Blur 21 is due on July 30. Full details of the set are available from the Blur website.




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