Court orders Minnesota woman to pay $222,000 for downloading 24 songs off Kazaa in music piracy case

Minnesota woman Jammie Thomas-Rasset is accused of downloading and sharing 24 songs via Kazaa (remember Kazaa?).

The latest development in the six-year-old case in a victory for the Recording Industry Association of America, public relations aside. According to Rolling Stone, a U.S. appeals court rejected Thomas-Rasset’s argument that the $9,250 per song fine was excessive and violated her due process rights.

Thomas-Rasset is one of 18,000 people the RIAA sued between 2003-2008 in attempt to discourage file sharing. Originally accused of downloading 1,700 tracks, that number was eventually reduced to just 24. In a series of trials, mistrials, and court orders, her total penalty has jumped between $222,000, $1.92 million, and $54,000 before returning to the original amount.

The RIAA, whose revenues recently hit a new low says it is “looking forward to putting this case behind us.” Still, $222,000 falls short of the $75 trillion the RIAA wanted from Limewire.



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