The Child Of Lov announce new album with Damon Albarn, DOOM and Thundercat

The Child Of Lov is to 2012 as The Weeknd was to 2011 – a cannily packaged, oddly spelled, tantalisingly anonymous soul/R&B project. 

The Child first started to attract notice earlier this summer, issuing the earthy skronk-soul number ‘Heal (Demo)’ on his Soundcloud, complete with funky technicolour artwork. Since then, his identity has remained under wraps: the bio on his website -“As the Scripture hath said, the ocean is our catwalk” – certainly isn’t helpful, and all we’ve been able to glean from his Facebook page is that he’s working on a music video and really misses Tupac. By the time follow-up tracks ‘Give Me’ (and, latterly, ‘Rotisserie’) had been upped, news was already percolating about DOOM and Damon Albarn being involved in a forthcoming mixtape from the musician.

It finally looks like some of the fog might be clearing in the coming weeks. Today, DoubleSix Records tweeted a new promo clip, accompanied with the message “New project coming up called The Child of Lov. Damon Albarn, MF DOOM & Thundercat are all playing a part! Details soon”.

Beyond that data, here’s not much to go on in the video. A bearded man – who may or may not be The Child – strolls from country to city wearing a sandwich board proclaiming that ‘The Beginning Is Nigh’. The accompanying track, meanwhile, is filtered retro-soul in the mould of Willis Earl Beal.

One thing’s for sure: this dude definitely isn’t Flying Lotus. The promo video is below, as is ‘Rotisserie’.



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