Genesis P-Orridge denounces new 'Throbbing Gristle' album on Twitter; Chris Carter hits back

Industrial godfathers Throbbing Gristle appear to be going all New Order on us.

The band’s Industrial Records are just about to release Desertshore, a tribute to Nico’s classic 1970 LP produced by – and, it should be noted, credited to – TG members Chris Carter, Cosey Fanny Tutti and Peter Christopherson. As Pitchfork report, former frontman Genesis P-Orridge is less than happy with the release.

P-Orridge, who reportedly walked out of the band in 2010, has now used his Twitter account to call foul on the record. On September 21, P-Orridge wrote: “CHRIS & COSEY released the TG records without my consent & have kept all the money. We NEVER quit TG.That is UNTRUE.BOYCOTT their records…Watch this space.Chris & Cosey said NO RECORD can be TG unless it is ALL 4 of us. DESERTSHORE is NOT a legitimate TG release. BOYCOTT it”.

Chris Carter, taking a similar approach to typography, hit back on his own account, writing:@GenesisBPO are you sure you want to make this a public argument? The TRUTH WILL BE TOLD & we will NOT hold back on FACTS”.

P-Orridge’s replies continued in a simlar vein to before: “ABSOLUTELY DO YOU HAVE MY AGREEMENT TO RELEASE TG RECORDS via CARGO?…nice to see you are following me, we dont follow you..strange you dont respond to my emails asking 4 facts but go public…after ALL as you not paid me anything anyway what have we got to lose except TG fans who dont believe one story or another?”.

Carter pointed out that the record is, in fact, credited to its constituent members rather than Throbbing Gristle, writing “get your facts straight before accusing us. DS/TFR is NOT being released as a Throbbing Gristle album.”

Whether you wish to buy it or boycott it, Desertshore is due on November 26. Guests on the record include Anthony, Marc Almond and Sasha Grey.

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