Emeralds, clearly eyeing that much coveted Guinness World Record for “Most Productive Contemporary Psych Unit”, have yet another release emerging from their ranks. 

In recent months, John Elliott’s been navigating distant quadrants with his Outer Space project, and Mark McGuire’s turned out solo and collaborative releases for the likes of Wagon and Music Fellowship (Emeralds, of course, also have a new LP on the boil).

This time around, it’s Steve Hauschildt’s turn to drop a cosmic side-project. Hauschildt is the most sedentary of his bandmates, limiting himself to two proper LPs (2007’sThe Summit on Gneiss Things, and last year’s Tragedy & Geometry for Kranky) and a clutch of underground tape releases. Kranky will now continue their relationship with Hauschildt on the newly announced Sequitur LP.

In keeping with Tragedy & Geometry, Hauschildt’s forthcoming disc is substantially more saccharine and song-based than that of his Emeralds cohorts. Sequitur also features around twenty different instruments, ranging from vintage 1960s machinery to more contemporary kit. As the two extracts below demonstrate, vocoder-led disco and spangly kosmiche are the order of the day.

In Hauschildt’s carefully calibrated words: “I feel that the album in a sense treads the imaginary boundary between Nature and Artifice. It is postmodern, but not necessarily a post-Freudian statement on cyborg theory or feminism. Rather it is a musically mimetic domain where these ideas freely collide and coalesce”. [via Playground]

Sequitur will prepare to land on November 12.

1. Interconnected
2. Accelerated Yearning
3. Constant Reminders
4. Sequitur
5. Mixed Messages
6. Vegas Mode
7. Kept
8. Steep Decline



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