Experimental sound artist William Basinski has dropped hints about his first new album since 2009’s Vivian & Ondine

Basinski has been tinkering around with tape loops for over three decades, although he only started releasing music in earnest in the late 1990s. His 2002 opus The Disintegration Loops remains the high watermark of his long career, an elegiac re-membering of his past compositions, and one of the seminal ambient records of the decade (note: it’s just got an enormous 10th anniversary reissue).

Speaking to Tiny Mix Tapes, Baskinksi revealed some choice details about his forthcoming new album. The record will be called Nocturnes, and is set to see release on his own 2062 label before the year is out.

Nocturnes will feature two pieces – one extremely old, one new. The first is taken from Baskinski’s days as a post-grad in San Francisco in the late 1970s: composed using graphic notation and comprised of prepared piano and looped tape, the piece promises to be “very trippy”. The second piece, meanwhile, is a recent composition, and features a revised version of material featured in the score for Robert Wilson’s 2011 opera The Life And Death Of Marina Abramović.

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