Trent Reznor explains why he returned to a major label

The Nine Inch Nails / How To Destroy Angels frontman discusses his new project at a Los Angeles event.

At an event last Sunday in Los Angeles, David Byrne and Trent Reznor discussed their latest projects in the context of today’s music industry. The event presented Reznor an opportunity to address criticism and commentary about his band How To Destroy Angels’ decision to sign with a major label, after years of railing against them.

“To have people that are better at that than I am; and that felt like it was worth a slice of the pie in the long term. [How To Destroy Angels’] main agenda at the moment was to make people aware in the right context, versus a little bit more money we might or might not have made,” says Reznor.

Reznor states that being on Columbia has been “pleasantly pleasant” so far. Later, he says that his experiments with independent distribution were learning experiences. Watch the video below, via Antiquiet.

How To Destroy Angels will release the An Omen EP on November 13. Alleged details of the band’s debut album leaked last week.



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