Beneath readies new double-EP, <i>Illusions</i>

2012 has seen Beneath emerge as one of the most promising characters in the UK underground. 

Well, we say character – Beneath is quite notably camera-shy, one of his only interviews to date coming in FACT. The Stoke-hailing producer has released two ice cold singles on his own No Symbols label, both razor-sharp takes on UK Funky with a weight and dread that recalls Digital Mystikz and more, and now prepares to shift to Keysound for the release of Illusions, a six-track double-vinyl EP.

The pack features five original tracks, and a remix of Balistiq Beats’ ‘Yardman’ (audio below). Illusions will be released on November 26.

A1. Prangin
B1. Blonde
B2. Wonz
C1. Illusion
D1. Tribulation
D2. Balistiq Beats “Concrete Jungle (Yardman Riddim ft Jamakabi) (Beneath’s 350 remix)”



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