Giorgio Moroder uploads yet more goodies to Soundcloud: he's now on his third account

Last Friday saw Scarface soundtracker, Donna Summer producer and general all-around beautiful man Giorgio Moroder join Soundcloud and upload a stack of rarities from his catalogue. 

As we posted at the time, “Moroder has expressed his desire to get back in the game for a while now, though from what we understand, the death of his collaborator Donna Summer proved an understandable set-back in this process. Speaking earlier this year ahead of the Ibiza International Music Summit, Moroder claimed that “I’m probably going to do some songs featuring a singer – a female or group”, citing Rihanna and Nicki Minaj as “the top girls who I would like to work with.” He’s also, if reports are to believed, contributed to the next Daft Punk album.”

“His Soundcloud is unbelievably sweet – with a basic CV and a list of Other Artists I Like on the right hand column, it’s a little bit like that uncle or aunt we all have who discover Facebook and just go ham – and, alongside all the rare, alternate and extended versions of Moroder tracks available to stream, features a comment left by none other than David Guetta on ‘Push it to the Limit’.”

Moroder has now uploaded even more to Soundcloud; in fact, he’s onto his third account (seriously dude, an upgrade is like 50 Euros a year), with the third dedicated specifically to “oldies”.  So if you’ve already got through everything he posted last week, then it’s time to make that working day even longer and dig back in.

Giorgio Moroder – Soundcloud  1
Giorgio Moroder – Soundcloud 2
Giorgio Moroder – Soundcloud Oldies



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