Drexciya – the most fabled group in the history of techno – are having their work reappraised once again by Dutch label Clone.

Until their dissolution following the death of founder member James Stinson in 2002, the Detroit duo cultivated an oblique public persona, complete with rich sci-fi indebted backstory, and released one of the city’s sturdiest back catalogues.

Back in 2011, Clone released the fabulous Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller I set, which collected a selection of Stinson and Gerald Donald’s work under the Drexciya alias from 1993-7. This year’s Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller II, meanwhile, pulled from the group’s work for Warp and looked forward as far as 1998.

Clone have now announced Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III. As per the last two collections, the set will feature a host of remastered music from across the pair’s career. The set includes material from 1992’s ‘Deep Sea Dweller’ 12″, 1993’s Bubble Metropolis EP and 1994’s The Unknown Aquazone, amongst others. The set includes two previously unreleased tracks, the vocal-led ‘Flying Fish’ and ‘Unknown Journey IV’.

Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III is due on December 3.

1 Smokey’s Illegitimate Report
2 The Countdown Has Begun
3 Aquabahn
4 Intensified Magnetron
5 Sea Snake
6 Flying Fish
7 The Mutant Gillmen
8 Unknown Journey IV
9 Nautilus
10 Vampire Island
11 Aqua Worm Hole
12 The Bubble Chamber
13 You Don’t Know
14 Red Hills Of Lardossa



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