Hype Williams' Dean Blunt announces first American gallery performance

Blunt’s White Flight will be a “showcase of the immortals.”

Apologies for the late notice, but Dean Blunt will take part in a one night performance at Los Angeles’ OHWOW Gallery tomorrow night (November 3)

As expected, there are no further details about what to expect from the Hype Williams’ agitator. A transcript from OHWOW’s site, possibly between organizers and the elusive Blunt, is below, along with the event’s cowboy hat imagery.

Blunt’s Narcissist II will arrive in remastered and re-mixed form on November 26 via Hippos in Tanks. The album will be available as a digital download, and a limited vinyl edition will also do the rounds.

“2:10 AM
Dean we want more of a description of what you’ll be doing

2:13 AM
there are none
2:14 AM
it’s bizarre that you now want a description
2:14 AM
that’s not the idea”



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