Drexciya and Urban Tribe's DJ Stingray readies new album, <i>F.T.N.W.O.</i>

When you Google Image Search DJ Stingray, the third result simply states “wrecking necks since 1999”. We’d like to provide a better description one-line description of him, but we can’t.

DJ Stingray, is, to be crude: a big motherfucker in a balaclava, who plays earbleed electro faster, harder and for longer than the competition. He’s the lynchpin of Urban Tribe, a collective that sometimes includes Carl Craig, Kenny Dixon Jr. (a.k.a. Moodymann), and Antony ‘Shake’ Shakir, and he was Drexciya‘s DJ before James Stinson died and the group disbanded.

Next month, he’ll release F.T.N.W.O., his second album as Stingray – though he has released albums as Urban Tribe. Standing, we presume, for Fuck the New World Order, it appears a politically-motivated record that, as Juno report, Stingray has described as “meat and potatoes” and “all about the dance” at its heart. It will be released through Belgian label WéMè.

You can stream Urban Tribe’s FACT mix here.

A1. Civil Agenda
A2. Dark Arts
A3. Room Clearance
B1. Denial Of Service
B2. Interest Rate
C1. No Knock
C2. Lead From The Shadows
C3. Reverse Engineering (Microthol & Stingray)
D1. Image Search
D2. Outsourced
D3. Remote Viewing




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