As Stoke’s Beneath told us on his first transmission, a mix for Blackdown’s blog, sometimes less is more. 

It’s an approach that’s served Beneath well so far: since that first mix, he’s only released two white label singles on his own No Symbols label – though a double-vinyl EP, Illusionsis forthcoming on Keysound – and shied away from press, though FACT did manage to coax a mix and interview out of him this Spring.

His latest mix comes via The Daily Street, and features Beneath remixes of TRC and Alex Coulton, as well as a slew of sub-zero dubplates – we’re particular fans of ‘Bellz’. You can stream it here.

01. Beneath – Me & You Remix
02. Beneath – Bellz
03. Hagan – Aburi Mountain
04. Brunks – Circus
05. Hagan – Malfunktion
06. Alex Coulton – Too Much Talk (Beneath’s 350 Remix)
07. Kahn & Neek – Backchat
08. Hodge – Turmoil (Kowton Remix)
09. Beneath – Send
10. Alex Coulton – Candy Flip
11. Beneath – Rough
12. Alex Coulton – Bleep Sequence
13. Beneath – Duty
14. Beneath – Prangin



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