Photo by: Ulf Bueschleb

Jeff Mills, Monolake and Raime head to Barcelona for MUTEK.ES

Montreal’s MUTEK festival was a corker this year, and the bill for its European sister festival is looking similarly formidable.

The fourth MUTEK.ES festival will take place in Barcelona’s urbane Borne sector, and will offer a host of live shows, DJ sets, conference events and bespoke installations over its four day duration. Monolake will be bringing his surround sound live AV show to Barcelona for the first time. His immaculately produced house and techno hits very hard indeed, and his set at Montreal was regarded by many as Best In Show – expect similar levels of buzz this time around.

Underground Resistance don Jeff Mills will be giving his Jungle Planet project its Spanish premiere. His extended, five-hour session isn’t for the lily-livered – expect hard, fast, walloping techno from Detroit’s pre-eminent space cadet. UK sophisticates Raime will be presenting their beguiling fusion of dub, industrial and rave, and Young Echo breakout act Vessel will be exploring sounds deep and dark.

Shape-shifting producer Jon Hopkins will premiere a totally new live show in support of a forthcoming LP for Domino, whilst disco fiend The Mole will turn in a relatively rare live performance. DeWalta and Godspeed You! Black Emperor spinoff Le Révélateur will also feature.

The beautiful Convent Sant Augusti, converted train station Station Barcelona and local venues Nitsa and Moog will all play host to events. The festival runs from February 6-9; tickets and further information are available from the MUTEK website.



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