Not that her famously dedicated fans would let you believe it, but one-time Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer has had a tumultuous year.

On the upside, her recent Theatre Of Evil LP accrued over $1m in Kickstarter donations, and subsequently managed to nudge into the Billboard Top 10. On the flip, she weathered some serious internet controversy over her decision (subsequently reversed) to recruit fans to play for free at her shows. A busy year then, and one Palmer will say goodbye to with a little help from the Purple One.

As The Quietus report, Palmer and her Grand Theft Orchestra will perform Prince’s squilllion-selling 1984 LP Purple Rain in its entirety in New York on December 31. The city’s Terminal 5 venue will host the show, and special guests are promised. Speaking about why Purple Rain got the nod, Palmer explained that, although her band have divergent tastes, “there is ONE THING on our venn diagram that overlaps in the ‘perfect album’ department, and that’s PURPLE RAIN”.

According to Palmer, “everybody already knows the songs cold (Jherek used to actually be IN A PRINCE COVER BAND) and we’re all going to take turns singing and swapping instruments. The band will, of course, be dressed in our finest Prince-esque finery, covering all aspects of Prince, his facial hair, and his various eras of nudity. We’re also encouraging the entire audience to ‘come as your favourite era of prince’. I want to run around counting people in ASSLESS CHAPS, and maybe give them door prizes for bravery. New Years Eve is cold.”

Where’s that freaky Joker costume, then?



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