Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks has confirmed that the band plan to release new music in 2013.

Speaking to Billboard, Nicks explained that “we’re so completely bummed out with the state of the music industry and the fact that nobody even wants a full record,” she said. “Everybody wants two songs, so we’re going to give them two songs.”

“We wanted to have something to put out before we go out, January or February, in whatever way you do that – iTunes or something”, Nicks continued. “And since nobody really cares about albums anymore, if you can come up with two or three great songs and just put them out there…people can at least hear how we sound today when it comes to actually recording.”

Two of the three tracks Nicks refers to have the working titles ‘Sad Angela’ and ‘Miss Fantasy’, and stem from sessions recorded without Nicks earlier this year, while the third, “an old Buckingham- Nicks song”, dates further back.

The news comes just a day after the band announced full details of a 34-date tour of North America. Nicks has been in fine interview form since the Rumours group’s reunion: a recent chat with The Huffington Post saw her praise Kanye West and Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’, and give Rihanna some sound (-ish) career advice. You can stream ‘Everywhere’, perhaps the group’s all-time finest moment, below.



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