The Haxan Cloak reveals details of forthcoming album on Tri Angle Records; stream a new track

The eagerly-awaited follow-up to his 2011 debut will be out in April.

As previously reported, classically-trained mult-instrumentalist Bobby Krlic will release his second album under The Haxan Cloak moniker on like-minded doomsayers Tri Angle Records. Entitled Excavation, the album will be available on CD and LP in North America on April 30; international territories get it a bit earlier, on April 15.

As presaged by his drone-oriented sets, Krlic is said to have incorporated more of his electronic influences this time around, “experimenting with space and silence without forsaking any of the intensity” of his self-titled debut. And while The Haxan Cloak was “the soundtrack to a character’s journey towards death,” Excavation is a thematic sequel, as the character explores the uncertainties of the astral plane. Heady stuff, no doubt, but not surprising territory, either.

First teased in October, the full version of ‘The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)’ is now streaming (below). As expected, the song is terribly ominous, building over its 7-minute runtime as if revealing some unspeakable horror. Listen below, and check out the appropriately-creepy cover art and tracklist, as well.

01. Consumed
02. Excavation (Part 1)
03. Excavation (Part 2)
04. Mara
05. Miste
06. The Mirror Reflecting (Part 1)
07. The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)
08. Dieu
09. The Drop



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