Bay Area rapper Antwon announces <em>In Dark Denim</em> mixtape, shares uneasy new video

Antwon channels Biggie-via-cloud rap on the follow-up to last year’s End of Earth.

As we noted when sharing his Friendzone-produced ‘Automatic’, Antwon is carrying the flame for cloud rap, albeit with a hint of East Coast revivalism.

On February 14, Antwon will release In Dark Denim on Greedhead, the label run by ex-Das Racist rapper Himanshu that just shared Le1f’s Fly Zone mixtape. The cover art and tracklist are below.

Antwon began his musical career via various noise, punk and hardcore acts, as did Memphis producer Cities Aviv, who produced a handful of tracks on the mixtape. First of those is the off-kilter, not-quite-romantic ‘Still Guarded’; the video is below and features an oddball take on some feline imagery.

1. Intro
2. Dark Denim (prod. by froskees)
3. Werk 4 Me (prod. by dj bad slorp) feat. himself
4. 3rdworld Grrl ( froskees)
5. 1millsnippet (prod. by cities aviv)
6. Boomerang (prod. by teams)
7. It’ll All Make Sense (prod. by dj bad slorp)
8. Rare 2000s (prod. by cities aviv)
9. Downtown (prod. by bbg) feat. big baby gandhi
10. Burn Away (prod. by b l a c k i e)
11. Still Guarded (prod. by cities aviv)

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