Neglected UK techno producer N.A.D’s Dawn Of A New Age to get reissue on Rush Hour

Rush Hour’s reissue game has been extremely strong in recent months: Dream 2 Science, The Burrell Brothers and Elbee Bad all featured in our favourite reissues of 2012 list. The Dutch label have  begun the new year with another success: an elusive full-length from N.A.D (New Age Dance), aka Mustafa Ali.

Released in 1990, Dawn Of A New Age was Ali’s only LP, and includes 1989 modestly successful single ‘Distant Drums’. Originally released on short-lived English house label BPM, it’s an enchanting, adventurous techno record, drawing on Cybotron-era electro, garage house and, in its stranger moments, homespun coldwave (see ‘Five Pillars’). It also goes heavy on the sort of cryptic mysticism Drexciya would make their own later in the decade. Highly recommended.

Dawn Of A New Age is due soon. Fragments can be streamed over at the Rush Hour site, and the title track is available to stream below.

1. Distant Drums
2. Everything Seems Different
3. Five Pillars
4. From Another Planet
5. Dawn Of A New Age
6. I’m Alive
7. Soul Search
8. Let There Be Light
9. Spheres
10. Perplexity
11. The Last Battle
12. Flight of the Navigator
13. Infinitesimal

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