Techno forefather Juan Atkins has classics reissued as Tresor reopens its Archiv series

Detroit techno forefather Juan Atkins will have two of his classics reissued through Tresor. 

Atkins, for the uninitiated, has a decent claim of actually inventing techno as we know it, releasing seminal singles in the genre as far back as 1982. As part of the Bellville Three with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, he shaped the genre’s early years, and FACT was lucky enough to host an exclusive mix by him last year.

Now, as Juno report, he’ll have two of his many gems reissued by Berlin label Tresor’s Archiv series – a series of archival releases that’s featured Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and more in its time (this will, in fact, be the first Archiv release since 2002).

Archiv #7 pairs the paranoid boogie of ‘I Love You’ (originally released on 2004’s Fast Forward EP) with a 1995 version of Atkins’ 1984 classic ‘Techno City’, released as Cybotron.

You can stream audio of both cuts below; expect Archiv #7 to hit stores in the next month or so.



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