NY harlequin James Ferraro has a new mixtape in the offing. 

The artist/producer/mischief-maker’s work rate might have slowed since his insanely prolific post-Skaters 2008-10 phase, but he’s still had a commendably productive few months. November saw the release of his Sushi LP on Hippos In Tanks, his most sedate and conventional album to date. In the weeks prior to that, he cobbled together a quirky mix of choral music and opera (titled No Regrets, of course) and teamed up with Hype Williams’ Dean Blunt as Watch The Throne.

Next month, Ferraro will release his first official mixtape since last year’s Silica Gel tape as BODYGUARD. Cold will arrive with the backing of Hippos In Tanks and, as per Sushi, will be released under Ferraro’s birth name. Cold will be available to download for free on March 5.

Sushi track ‘Powder’ is below.



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