He hasn’t quite pulled a Wiley just yet, but James Blake has voiced his dissatisfaction with the way things are done at Universal Records – on the very day that they release his new album Overgrown.

Speaking to The Guardian, Blake criticised the label’s approach to promoting albums in the face of online piracy, an issue that he himself is “starting to not care [about.]”  Most notably, they come under fire for releasing advance previews of half the album’s tracks and then asking that he write more songs to make up for it: “When you’ve spent a year and a half on an album… you don’t want to be told to write five new bonus tracks.”

The news follows Blake’s recent announcement that he’ll be starting his own label, 1-800 Dinosaur.  You can read FACT’s review of Overgrown here – we think it absolutely deserves a purchase, even if Blake himself isn’t all that fussed.

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