To co-incide with the release of Shaking the Habitual, the peculiar siblings have shared a typically cryptic ‘interview’ video.

Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer are widely known for creating a mysterious buzz around their releases, and this brand new interview is almost predictably weird. It doesn’t make it any less entertaining though, with its Twin Peaks-esque mood and the endearingly blank vocal snippets from Karin and Olof. The two grant us a small look into their creative process, and talk about the politics of their music, but for the most part they only serve to add to their own mysterious aura.

The most revealing section is when the duo talk about how their signature masks have become a commercial symbol, which maybe sheds light on whether the typically publicity shy brother and sister are offering us a look into their lives at all.

Shaking the Habitual is out now.



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