Yesterday, former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye announced their second album, Be. 

Speaking to UK magazine Shortlist this morning, the band expanded on the role of TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, who produced the album. Emphasising that Sitek possessed a healthy lack of reverence for Oasis’s back catalogue, Gallagher claims that their relationship “weren’t all fucking rosy, that’s for sure”, adding that the two parties had “a couple of ding dongs. Not fisticuffs, but there was a lot of [push and pull].”

When asked if there was material brought to the sessions by Beady Eye that was immediately vetoed by Sitek, Gallagher replied “without a doubt. And you know how that goes down. He’d be ‘I’m not having that’, and I’d be going [aggressively], ‘Well I fucking am’. So there’d be a bit of bullfighting going on. And then he’d go off and conduct ‘a musical experiment’ and you’d be like ‘Hmm, that don’t sound too bad, actually. I can go with that.’ And there were others where we were like ‘you’re losing your mind, we need to get back to Hare Krishna land.”

As announced yesterday, the second Beady Eye album will be titled Be – after Gallagher’s initial idea of Universal Gleam was vetoed. Other interesting tidbits from today’s interview that weren’t featured in yesterday’s press release: Gallagher’s voice is mixed “dry, with barely any effects on it, so you feel he’s right up against your forehead”; or, as Gallagher puts it, “It’s how I sound round the house or on the back of a camel of whatever.” There is a track that addresses his issues with his brother Noel, titled ‘Don’t Brother Me’, and the group feel that their debut album, Different Gear, Still Speeding was missing “a great producer” after band-member Gem Archer had to mix it himself at the last minute. Oh, and the album’s artwork comes “from a shoot for ’70s magazine Nova“, and “won’t get into Tesco”.

In other Dave Sitek news, he’s preparing to ramp up the release schedule for his label Federal Prism, which will feature new music by Kelis, Scarlett Johansson and more. You can stream ‘Flick of the Finger’, from Be, below.

1. Flick of the Finger
2. Soul Love
3. Face the Crowd
4. Second Bite of the Apple
5. Soon Come Tomorrow
6. Iz Rite
7. I’m Just Saying
8. Don’t Brother Me
9. Shine a Light
10. Ballroom Figured
11. Start Anew



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