Berlin superclub Berghain is to host a three-part ballet project, designed to “make an overstimulated public take note”.

Back in 2007, the German institution hosted a performance by the Berlin State Ballet, titled Shut Up And Dance! Updated. The club will continue to explore its interest in jetés and pliés in May, when the two companies will team up once again for the MASSE project. The iconic venue will host three performances by three different choreographers (Nadja Saidakova, Xenia Wiest and Tim Plegge), with each show getting a soundtrack from various high-profile dance producers.

Balletsuite #1 will be soundtracked by Henrik Schwarz, who has prepared a six-track long-form piece using guitar, piano and electronics. The Menuett score, arranged in three movements, was produced by Âme’s Frank Wiedemann and Marcel Dettmann. The third piece, EVOLVE, has been proceed by new duo DIN, aka Efdemin and Marcel Fengler.

The performances will kick off at Halle am Berghain, a neglected space behind the main building, on May 4. Ten more performances are planned throughout the month, with painter Norbert Bisky handling stage design and art direction. For those unable to make the show/circumvent the Berghain door policy, Ostgut Ton will release all the compositions in full in June; the tracklisting is below.

The MASSE LP will see release on June 10. [via Resident Advisor]

Henrik Schwarz – Balletsuite #1 – Masse
01. Unknown Touch
02. Affect Structure
03. I Am Not Responsible For That
04. But Then I’m Different
05. When Things Are Difficult
06. Couple Are Strong
Dettmann | Wiedemann – Menuett
07. Part 1 – Accelerando
08. Part 2 – Martellato
09. Part 3 – Spiritoso
10. (prelude)
11. Creation
12. Variation
13. Oscillation
14. Division
15. Generation
16. Conclusion



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