Gerald Donald's Dopplereffekt to release first record since 2007

Gerald Donald’s Dopplereffekt project will release its first EP since 2007 this year. 

Formed in the mid-1990s, Dopplereffekt make the most cold, clinical electro on the planet, and although the project ran alongside Gerald’s more well-known group Drexciya until 2002 when James Stinson, the other member of Drexciya died of a heart condition, musically it owes more to Kraftwerk than Donald and Stinson’s hometown of Detroit. Dopplereffekt rarely play live or give interviews, though there have been exceptions: they headlined London’s XOYO in Summer 2011, and were featured on the cover of The Wire in 2009.

In a forthcoming feature with promoters and record label Leisure System, they reveal to FACT that they’ll be releasing a new Dopplereffekt EP, the project’s first release since 2007’s Calabi Yau Space, this year (though it’s worth noting that Dopplereffekt did contribute to this box-set). The genesis of the EP is “similar to how the JETS [Jimmy Edgar and Travis ‘Machinedrum’ Stewart] release came about”, in that Leisure System’s Ned Beckett was involved in the project’s live activities.

“The relationship is great”, Ned continues, “Once we proved ourselves to be a trustworthy bunch it was pretty straight forward.” The full feature with Leisure System will be running on FACT in the near future.

You can read Robin Howells’ review of Dopplereffekt’s classic 1999 album Gesamtkunstwerk here, and stream that album’s ‘Pornoactress’ below.



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