Bipedal controversy generator Tyler, The Creator is under fire again this week as a feminist collective in Australia attempts to have his visa revoked.

Currently on tour down under, the Odd Future lynchpin has been attacked by campaign group Collective Shout, who say his music promotes misogyny and violence against women.

Calling on the Australian immigration minister to deport Tyler, the group said:

Tyler the Creator promotes hate speech against women, perpetuating male entitlement to use women’s bodies, to regard women as “bitches”, “sluts” and “hoes” for their sexual use. Tyler the Creator’s glorification of rape and violence against women could be considered inciting his fans to commit violent crimes against them.

Tyler responded by launching into an onstage tirade against a Talitha Stone, a member of Collective Shout who was protesting at his Sydney gig, reportedly calling her a selection of b-words and c-words. He also posted this on Twitter:

Sigh. His Australian tour continues with shows in Melbourne and Brisbane tonight and tomorrow. The Odd Future crew continue to tour in various formats and sizes throughout summer.

Earlier this year, and somewhat inexplicably, PepsiCo hired Tyler to devise a string of TV ads to promote Mountain Dew, one of which featured a battered white woman picking out an assailant from an all-black line-up. Read FACT’s review of Tyler’s latest release, Wolf.



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