Another peek into the weird world of the Chicago collagist with his second release for the Alter label.

The Electronic Belt is a vinyl EP of three tracks taken from Hieroglyphic Being’s limited edition CDR release The Man With The Red Drum.

The title track is a cut of restrained psychedelia underpinned by raw and distorted drums, but ‘The Man With The Red Rhythm’ sees Jamal Moss flexing his dancefloor muscle (sort of) by interweaving a wonky cowbell melody and dissonant synth tones over a winding groove. The third track, ‘The Ischiadic Nerve’, takes a darker, drum-heavy turn for a slice of almost hypnagogic lo-fi dance.

Earlier this year a French record store decided to overdub a famous Alan Partridge clip to promote a Hieroglyphic Being gig. Less bizarrely, Moss turned in an astonishing, nearly three-hour-long FACT mix for us last year.

The Electronic Belt will appear on 8 July on Alter, the label run by Luke ‘Helm’ Younger. Preview the first two tracks below:



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